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Win-Cart is an innovative eCommerce solution specifically designed to help independent marine retailers thrive in the digital age. 


Distributors: Jumpstart your reseller's online presence.
Distributors: Seamless Integration of your data-feed into Win-Cart

At Win-Cart, we create a smooth and hassle-free integration process for our distributor partners. Our technical team is dedicated to ensuring that your data feeds are seamlessly integrated into the Win-Cart platform, enabling real-time inventory updates and accurate product listings. 

We love “automation” and so will your resellers – because the less they need to worry about their web-store, the more time they can put into sales!

Distributors: Advantages

Partnering with Win-Cart opens a gateway to great advantages for distributors, designed to enhance brand visibility, streamline operations, and enhance your relationships with resellers

Distributors: Partner with Win-Cart

Becoming a Win-Cart distributor partner signifies a mutual commitment to growth, innovation, and success in the e-commerce landscape. 

This partnership is built on the foundation of collaboration, support, and shared goals. 

As we outline the commitments required from our distributors, we also reaffirm our dedication to providing the tools, technology, and support necessary to achieve these objectives together.

Partner with Win-Cart

Enhance your resellers with your company's product data feed in Win-Cart.

Win-Cart was created by Palm Beach Software Design, Inc. – Est. 1987. We’ve been developing software professionally for over 37 years, and we understand the challenges distributors and resellers face in today's dynamic market. Our Win-Cart platform is designed to streamline inventory management, enhance product visibility, and ultimately drive increased sales and customer loyalty. By partnering with us, your distribution company gains a powerful ally committed to their success. Together, we can unlock new opportunities and achieve mutual growth. Let's embark on this journey together, fostering strong partnerships and transforming the e-commerce experience for your resellers.

We can create the integration for your products to automatically update your reseller's Win-Cart(tm) stores with the latest products, availability and pricing each time your feed updates.

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Let's ChatWe need to know about your resellers and how you do things. The number of resellers in your network, and complexity of the data feed integration will determine qualification for free data-feed development.


Develop for Your Data FeedWe will build the code to add to Win-Cart that will read your data feed.


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