How to Use the Featured Products Control

How to Use the Featured Products Control

Win-Cart/WooCommerce provides a variety of shortcodes that allow you to insert products and related elements into your posts, pages, and widgets, enhancing the flexibility and functionality of your eCommerce site. Here’s a list of some commonly used WooCommerce product shortcodes and their basic usage:

1. [products]

  • Description: Displays a list of your products by post ID, SKU, categories, attributes, with support for pagination, random sorting, and product tags.
  • Usage Examples:
    • Display products by category: [products category="hoodies"]
    • Display products by IDs: [products ids="1, 2, 3"]
    • Display products by SKU: [products skus="SKU1, SKU2"]
    • Display products on sale: [products on_sale="true"]
    • Display featured products: [products visibility="featured"]

2. [product]

  • Description: Shows a single product by ID or SKU.
  • Usage Examples:
    • Display a single product by ID: [product id="99"]
    • Display a single product by SKU: [product sku="PRODUCTSKU"]

3. [product_category]

  • Description: Shows multiple products in a category.
  • Usage Examples:
    • Display products in a specific category: [product_category category="hoodies"]
    • Limit the number of products displayed: [product_category category="hoodies" limit="4"]

4. [product_categories]

  • Description: Displays product categories loop.
  • Usage Examples:
    • Display all product categories: [product_categories]
    • Display child categories of a parent category by ID: [product_categories parent="0"]
    • Limit the number of categories displayed: [product_categories number="12"]

5. [add_to_cart]

  • Description: Shows the price and add to cart button of a single product by ID.
  • Usage Examples:
    • Add to cart button for a specific product: [add_to_cart id="99"]

6. [add_to_cart_url]

  • Description: Only generates the URL to add a product to the cart.
  • Usage Examples:
    • URL to add a product to the cart: [add_to_cart_url id="99"]

7. [recent_products]

  • Description: Displays recent products.
  • Usage Examples:
    • Display 4 most recent products: [recent_products per_page="4"]
    • Display recent products by category: [recent_products category="hoodies" per_page="2"]

8. [sale_products]

  • Description: Shows products on sale.
  • Usage Examples:
    • Display all products on sale: [sale_products]
    • Limit the number of sale products displayed: [sale_products per_page="4"]

9. [best_selling_products]

  • Description: Displays best-selling products.
  • Usage Examples:
    • Display top 4 best-selling products: [best_selling_products per_page="4"]

10. [top_rated_products]

  • Description: Shows top-rated products.
  • Usage Examples:
    • Display top-rated products: [top_rated_products per_page="5"]

11. [featured_products]

  • Description: Displays products marked as featured.
  • Usage Examples:
    • Display featured products: [featured_products per_page="4"]

These shortcodes can be customized further with additional attributes like limit, columns, orderby, and order to tailor the display to your needs. For the most accurate and up-to-date information, refer to the WooCommerce documentation or the shortcode generator within the WooCommerce plugin itself.

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