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Custom Dashboards
Brings It All Together

A dashboard is like the control center of a software app. It shows you important information all in one place, making it easy to understand what’s going on. You can see things like scores, levels, or how much money you’ve made, all through simple charts and pictures. This helps you make quick decisions and keeps you interested in using the app. It’s a way to see everything you need to know at a glance.

Palm Beach Software Design Dashboard

Remote work

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Product release

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Campaign planning

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Software Development Playbook available on Amazon

Here's How We Do It

Our best-selling book, “Software Development Playbook”, written by our CEO, Mark Turkel, will walk you through the complete process, from the sales process in the beginning, through the development process, and then finally guides you through implementation and support. 

There’s no surprises with Palm Beach Software Design, and we want to empower our clients to understand all aspects of the project, and be able to make better decisions to drive the team along the way.

Why Palm Beach Software Design?
We've been working with the Marine Industry for over 20 Years!

...and we always cross the finish line!

Clear Communication

We are always available to work with you, to discuss your project, or to help in any way possible.

Project Analytics

Know what is going on to the minute by looking at the project plan and timeline. You'll know who is doing what, when.


Our Issue Tracking System (Issue-Buddy) provides real-time updates with issues and new feature requests.

Scope and Requirements

Every project we do starts with a clear Scope and Requirements document. This will include mockups of the screens, and all of the actions documented for the developers.

Progress Meetings

We do weekly progress meetings so you always know what has been completed, and what we're currently working on.

Development Team

We assign multiple people with different skill-sets to your project. Our minimum team consists of Project Manager, Software Architect, Database Specialist, Developers, and Quality Assurance members.

Support 24/7

We provide standard and enhanced 24/7 support plans, and this covers "everything" from operational questions to bug fixing.

Data Security

We understand compliance rules and laws and develop our software appropriately to conform to industry standards for securing data.


our score for projects delivered On-Time and in-Budget!. Our process works for over 36 years! Established in 1987.

Don’t let your business take over your life. Automation is the answer to let you work “on” your business, and not “in” your business. Streamline operations, manage with data, make educated business decisions and watch your business grow!

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